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We now have VG e-Juice!

Vaper's Corner Brand. 12 of our best flavors in 30ml bottles
Available in 3mg
In stock now!

Frog Fogg. Award winning flavors in 30ml bottles
Available in 4 levels - 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

In stock now!

Designer-K Series Kits

Comes complete with Clearomizer, 650 mAh designer battery, USB charger, wall adapter and VC carrying case. Click e-Cig starter kits to see more.

Have you changed your atomizer lately?
Atomizers gum up over time and vapor production will taper off. A quick and inexpensive atomizer replacement will make your e-Cig as good as new!

Personalize your vaping experience with Electronic Cigarettes in 11 different colors
Inexpensive e-Juice refills in 32 flavors and 4 different levels of nicotine!
24mg e-Juice - Full Flavor
18mg e-Juice - Lights
11mg e-Juice - Ultra Lights
0mg e-Juice - No Nicotine, just flavor

Store Locations
Vaper's Corner products are now in 90+ locations around Kansas City. Click on the "Store Locations" link at the top of the page to find one near you!

The closest thing to a real cigarette anywhere!
Our manual kits provide the throat hit like a real cigarette and just 1 10ml bottle of our e-Juice will last a pack a day smoker about 2 weeks and it only costs $8.95!

Compare that to what you're spending on cigarettes...

Why is it so hard to quit?
You've tried, time and time again to kick the habit but you always end up smoking again. You have probably worn patches, chewed the gums and lozenges, maybe even taken prescription medicines. You want to quit but nothing seems to work... The reason? None of the other products fulfill the smoking sensation! You have been doing the hand to mouth, puff and inhale action for years. Your body is trained like Pavlov's dog to a bell, that when you do this movement, satisfaction follows


Welcome to e-Cigs!
The only product that gives you the feel of a cigarette, the motions of smoking, and a throat hit like an actual cigarette without all the tar and nasty chemicals!

What is an e-Cigarette?
An electronic cigarette, also known as a personal vaporizer, is a battery-powered device that provides nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation. The e-Cig is composed of three parts. The Battery that powers the unit, an Atomizer to heat the e-Juice into a vapor, and the Cartridge or "Cart" that acts as an e-Juice reservoir


What about smell? (Best part)
Vapor from an e-cigarette does not linger on your clothes, furniture or in your car. You will no longer smell like a walking ashtray, nor will you smell like the flavor of liquid you are using! You will taste the flavor on exhale, and people around you will only detect a hint of it. After a few moments, it will completely dissipate.

Manual Models
Manual e-Cigs have a button on the battery that must be pressed and held to turn on the atomizer and heat the fluid into a vapor. Although these models do not allow hands free vaping, you are able to take a longer drag and get large satisfying plumes of vapor. Depending on the type and strength of e-Juice being used, this can provide a much stronger "throat hit" on inhale, like that of an "analog" or real cigarette.

With a wide variety of tobacco and fruit flavors in different nicotine levels to chose from, there's sure to be something that suits your taste. e-Juice is made from the common food additive propylene glycol, which is in many items we eat every day. Other ingredients may include water, flavoring, and varying levels of nicotine that range from 24mg, 18mg, 11mg, or 0mg.

The e-Cigarette starter kits come with 2 empty cartridges that can be used with your favorite flavors of e-Juice. To switch flavors, you can use a new cartridge or mix flavors in the one you are already using. Simply insert the bottle tip into the e-cig cartridge and fill the reservoir. Place the cartridge back on the e-Cig and you are ready to vape!

Many of our customers enjoy mixing peach and cream, apple and caramel (RY4), cola and vanilla... and so on. Or you can mix mint with about any flavor to get an iced flavor. You can mix across flavors and levels, it doesn't matter.

Wash your hands thoroughly after performing a refill and always keep e-Juice out of reach of children and animals.

Gift Certificates
Wanting to send a gift but you're not sure what color e-Cig or flavor of e-Juice to get them? Problem solved! Vaper's Corner Gift Certificates are available in set amounts or you have the option to set your own denomination.

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New Products

Executive - White
Our Price: $32.95
Executive - Stainless Steel
Our Price: $32.95
Executive - RedWine
Our Price: $32.95
Designer K Series
Sale Price: $14.95
Executive - Pink
Our Price: $32.95