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Click here for help troubleshooting the VCT

The following information contains answer to the most common problems experienced 

(Along with some long winded explanations...)

VCT Tank System


1. Drawing on the unit too hard.  This is by far the most common issue new users have with converting from tobacco to e-Cigs.  It is important to take long, slow drags, about half the speed you would draw on a cigarette.  You should hear it crackle (boiling) as you draw, not just a rush of air through the unit.

Here is why:  It is a simple matter of supply and demand.  When you are smoking a burning cigarette, the harder you draw the faster it will burn to produce the smoke.  Easy, right?  Well, with e-Cigarettes there is a bit more of a process.  As you take a drag from an e-Cig it creates a suction that pulls the e-Juice into the atomizer from the cartridge, boils it into a vapor with a tiny coil (much like a light bulb coil or element) and then sends it back up through vents on the sides of the cartridge to your mouth. 


  • if the draw is too hard, there is too much suction. 
  • Too much suction sends too much e-Juice to the atomizer
  • Too much e-Juice in the atomizer floods the coil and it can not boil it all off
  • Unboiled e-Juice continues to build up until it overflows the cup and mesh around the coil and flows out past the threads

2. Atomizer base is not tight enough.  When putting the atomizer head in the assembly the first time, or during a replacement, sometimes the base is not screwed in completely and flush with the body.  The atomizer base has two notches in it that a quarter (or dime) fits into perfectly.  Hold the body with one hand and use the coin as a key to tighten the base flush with the body.

What happens,

  • With the base not being flush to the body it creates a tiny gap between the atomizer head and the stop point in the center of the body.  This gap combined with the vacuum created when you draw is all a liquid needs to escape

3. Atomizer age.  VCT atomizers have a lifespan of 2 to 4 weeks (more or less).  This is an average and it really depends on how much you use it, whether refill before the cartridge is dry, and what e-Juice you put in it.

Contributing factors...

  • e-Juice will gum up around the heating coil over time and hinder it's ability to boil all the e-Juice that flows to it. (even with a light draw)  Simply replace the atomizer head.
  • Light smokers can get up to 4 weeks out of an atomizer, sometimes even more.  If you are like me, and you have it in your mouth all day then you are probably only going to get a week or so...
  • Keep your cartridge at least 10% full.  Running an atomizer head without e-Juice will shorten it's lifespan
  • Darker e-Juice has a tendency to gum up in atomizers a little faster than light colored e-Juice


The atomizer head is held into position by 3 things.  The Base, Body and the Cartridge cap it pierces.
  • Remove cartridge
  • Remove battery
  • Remove base
  • At this point the head should either be sitting in the cup on the base, or fall out of the body.

***We did see an instance where the head was stuck in the body because the cap had come off the cartridge.  Since the point on the head pierces this cap, and there is a brace in the body between them, this can suspend the head locking it in place.  Use a pair of tweezers to remove the cap and the head will fall free.  Discard that cartridge and use a new one.


The most common reason for getting a burnt taste from the VCT Tank system is the use of 24mg e-Juice.  18mg and lower is highly recommended.  If you have already run 24mg through your tank and are getting the burnt taste, follow these steps to clean your atomizer.

  • Disassemble e-Cig and remove the atomizer head
  • Put the stopper in your sink (trust me)
  • Hold the atomizer head under hot running water for 60 - 90 seconds
  • Pat dry with a paper towel and let sit for a few hours to dry
  • Re-assemble the atomizer assembly and screw to the battery
  • Prime the atomizer by adding 2 drops directly into the top of the atomizer
  • Insert cartridge and vape
Another reason is it may be near the end of the atomizers lifespan and could be starting to gum up at the coil.  As the coil gums up it doesn't burn the e-Juice as well and it can sit next to the hot coil for some time turning it black.  Many users have had good luck extending the lifespan of the atomizer head by rinsing it out as shown in the instructions above.