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Have our e-Cigs helped you cut down, quit smoking, or even feel better? Do you have a review you would like to share?  If so, please email it to, we would love to hear from you!

Vaper's Corner offers great products and exceptional customer service.  After smoking cigarettes for ten years, I started using the VCT Tank system about a month ago and I'm happy to report that I am now cigarette free!  I have tried a more expensive e-cigarette brand in the past and it simply didn't work for me from the start.  Vaper's Corner product provides a great throat hit and a wonderful ploom of vapor with each drag I take to keep me satisfied all day long.  It's great to no longer have the lingering, smoky odor on my body.  I can breathe better already, and I no longer have the harsh smoker's cough I've had for years.  They have a great selection of E juice flavors to choose from.  I am very impressed with how fast Vaper's Corner ships the product you order and how fast it gets to your door.  Thank you Vaper's Corner!

Jeremy (Brookings, SD)

OMG OMG OMG!  I love my new Executive e-cig!  I have used your e-cigs for about 2 years.  I loved how I have been able to quit smoking the cancer sticks without any withdrawal and without sacrificing the full-body inhalation, which is what I'm addicted to.  I have always said that Vaper's Corner has the best e-cig in the whole world and now that I have The Exec.  I want to expand that statement to 'the whole universe'.  Thank you so much for keeping the price down and the quality superior.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are truly life-savers!

S. LaRoux

I just want you to know that I smoked 1-2 packs a day for almost 30 years, and I would have never been able to quit smoking cigs if it wasn't for Vapers Corner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As I mentioned earlier I was desperate for a nic fix this morning after I realized my atomizer head had went bad , and in desperation I lit one of my friends cig butts. It was so nasty!! I cannot live without my tank nic stick!! And I refuse to switch to any other e-cig, so out of loyalty to VC and a great love for my tank I will suffer with cigs until my order gets here. In time I will be able to stay stocked up on all my accessories so I do not run into this problem in the future. Hopefully together we will be able to get VC up and running strong here on the East coast.

D. Karoos

I have tried to quit smoking for years. Then I ran into Vapors Corner! I thought I loved my e cig until last week when again a new item came out. The mini tank. I really love it now! The mini tanks are awesome! However if I would not have called for tips and tricks I would have not known. Not only are the products wonderful but the staff is knowledgeable and their customer service is worth bragging about. I love my coffee flavor and everything I have from the store. I am a little spoiled with 4 e cigs so far, but it was worth every Penney. You have a loyal customer for life! Thanks to Ken and the rest of your lovely staff.

Desi (Independence)

Promises to quit smoking are freely made, yet rarely kept. To look into the eyes of my seventeen year old daughter and tell her (yet again) that Mom promises to quit smoking was a little deflating. She'd heard it from me for years... and for years, I'd failed. I purchased a disposable e-cigarette to give it a try. I had my typical pack of cigarettes at the ready... waiting to reach for them when the e-cig didn't satisfy. I couldn't believe the result! I puffed on that thing all day and never once smoked an analog (regular cig). 


I immediately purchased a Vaper's Corner manual and 10mls of grape goodness. That was a month ago. I haven't touched a regular cigarette since. I LOVE this thing! I've become a volunteer sales force for Vaper's Corner by talking your products up to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen... people on line in the grocery store... at gas stations... at work... 


I owe my life and lungs to Vaper's Corner and will NEVER go back to smoking tobacco again! My daughter came to me this morning and said "Mommeh (that's what she calls me), I love you for quitting. Thank you for keeping your promise!" After I shook the tears from my eyelashes, I came in to type this rave review.


Fruit Punch is my favorite e-juice, by the way. Thank you Vaper's Corner! I'm a lifelong customer... and I'm proud to work for you (voluntarily).



the ex-walking ashtray

I have been a half-pack a day smoker for 35 years. I lost my mom to COPD due to smoking a year ago, but that didn't stop me. Then, my first grandchild was born in September. I knew I had to quit smoking.

I had tried other e cigarettes, but was unsuccessful, until I tried the VC Tank. I haven't smoked for 2 months, but I don't feel like I have quit, because this tank and the e juice really feel like I'm getting the hit from a cigarette, but without all of the carcinogens and chemicals. Recenty my sister from Illinois visited. She, too, has been smoking for 35 years. I purchased a VC Tank and e juice for her from Vaper's Corner, and she is already down to 1 cigarette a day in only 6 days. What a wonderful gift to give her - she loves it, as do I. I am sad that the tank is not available in her area, as I feel it would be well-received. I would love to promote it there! I have told many people I know who are smokers to give the VC Tank a try, so they can say, like me, "I am smoke free!" Thank you for your amazing product. It is going to make it possible to be here for my grandchildren for many years.


I have been a pack and a half a day smoker for about 24 years and bought your VC5 electronic cigarette three weeks ago.  I have not touched a cigarette since.  I love this product!!! I have a model from a different company and did not like it so I was quite skeptical, but after trying your product I have successfully quit smoking.  I think the difference is that your product tastes and feels (in my mouth and throat) just like a real cigarette and I get a lot more vapor from it.  The other e-cig I had tried was difficult to get vapor from and tasted somewhat metallic.  I like the refillable e-juice cartridges much better than the pre-filled cartridges too.  I am thrilled that I found such an amazing product in a local store and that there are several stores in my city that sell them.  Availability makes a world of difference.  Thank you for offering such a life changing product and making it easy for me to improve mine and my family’s health.  Not only has our health has improved but my cloths, my house, and my car smells so much better!



Topeka, KS

I recently bought one of your vapor cigarettes, I was quite skeptical at first because I already own a different brand and style. I was amazed by the amount of vapor that I could draw. It actually feels better than a real cigarette. I will tell everyone I know that still smokes what a great product and buy you offer. I never plan on buying cigarrettes saved already!


Brandie C

Thanks again for the excellent help and rapid service.  Since I started using e-cigs from you (about 6 weeks ago) I haven't had any desire to smoke a regular cigarette. Talk about money saved.  WOW  I breathe easier and don't have a racking cough any more.  My family are all very glad and enjoy being around me again without the smoke. 

The newest addition to your products the "tank" is really great.  Now I can go approximately 2 1/2 days without having to recharge the battery and the fuller capacity for the flavor is great too.  I hope that all of your customers try it soon too.


Lynn, Blue Springs, MO

I just wanted to tell you that I love your product. I recently visited Blue Springs, Mo and found your product.  One day I was a pack a day smoker and the next I was using your product exclusively and have not picked up a regular cigarette or even had the inclination since.  That was 3 weeks ago. 

I am enjoying the freedom of being able to use my e-cigarette in the house and in the car without the smell of tobacco  lingering there or on me.  I am no longer self conscious of my breath, tobacco odor on my hands or clothes or making second hand smoke to the non smokers around me.  My ashtrays are gone, there are no ashes on my deck and I don't have to worry about going outside in Michigan's cold and snowy winters to smoke or having to get rained on just to have a cigarette. 

Some other great benefits:
No more ruined clothes nor upholstery from dropped cigs and I am not littering the highways anymore.

My skin looks better, my breathing is better and my teeth are getting whiter!

I can smell better and food needs less salt. 

If I like, I can enjoy my e-cig at the airport or restaurants and taverns where tobacco products are banned.

I am saving MONEY!

Best of all, My husband is so happy I am not taking in the toxic chemicals added to analog cigarettes. 

I have already recommended your product to my neighbors so don't be surprised to be getting orders from Michigan soon!  I'll be on the lookout for some great places to connect you guys with up here.  With Cigarettes at $5.50 to $7 a pack, there is plenty of room for your company to grow up here. 

Thanks for a great product and a great website that made re-ordering supplies a breeze.

Now- can I request a flavor?  Coconut... yum.




I wanted to send in a review because I am so amazed with your e cigarette. I have been smoking for 10 years and have tried nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, cold turkey, etc. I've tried everything and none of it kept me away from traditional cigarettes. Even though the products I just mentioned have nicotine in them, I felt like I was in a fog when using them and I still felt angry and anxious as if I was quitting cold turkey. I had been thinking about buying one of your e cigarettes for awhile and went with my friend to get her one. I got mine the next day but was pretty pessimistic about how it would turn out. Shockingly, I don't even want to smoke regular cigarettes anymore. I have no cravings for them and they actually make me feel sick when I smoke them or smell them now. What was supposed to be another failed quit attempt has actually become a success. I haven't smoked in 3 days and I don't even care! I'm so happy! I thought maybe I was going to smell like an ashtray for the rest of my life but now I am finally free, thanks to your e cigarette! I'm planning to stay on the highest nicotine drops for a month or so, and then start stepping down slowly as I am ready. I let my dad, a 30 year smoker who has never been able to quit for more than a few hours, try my e cig and now even HE is ready to go buy your product. Thank you so much! This product is going to save a lot of lives.



R in Overland Park


Thank you for getting back to me. I have picked up my Vapers Corner e-cig from Cheap Smokes in Liberty and I am very happy. You have a great product and I love that you are here in the KC metro. 


I never intended to quit smoking analogs and just wanted something for when I could not have a cigarette (I am a youth minister, there were many times I was having to disappear to have a smoke so teens didn't see me) but to my surprise I have completely quit and am only vaping now. 


There were 3 smokers in my office and now there are 3 vapers :) We all continue to tell all the smokers we know about e-cigs, and yours is an affordable option that doesn't have to be ordered through the mailed, so I am sold!


My next purchase will be a PCC so I dont have to rely on my passthrough so much for fear of my batteries going down. Thanks again for a great product. 



I was too pack a day smoker before I tried your product. When I walked out of the store 10 days ago I became a non-smoker.I have to give you my most sincere thanks for changing and possibly saving my life from being captured by mother died a horrible death from smoking and i had tried and failed to quit on many occasions.I had deemed myself doomed to the same fate..until now!
I feel better,I breathe better and I SMELL BETTER! Dont doom yourself to smoking and all the pain that comes with it,this works!

T Reed
Kansas City Missouri
Sent from myTouch 4G

I want to thank you for this amazing product.  A very dear friend of mine, Shirley B told me about your product, and as usual I was very hesitate.  I knew I needed to quit smoking, but really did not have the desire to quit.  Her & her husband, Ed, came up 2 weeks ago, let me try your e-cigarette for the weekend.  I figured if I could cut down that would help.  Well to my amazement I had my last cigarette at 5:30PM on January 7.  Have not had one since, and have no desire to.  I now know what people smell when they don't smoke.  Your product is WONDERFUL,  thank you.  I would HIGHLY recommend this anyone that wants to quit.  I have had no cravings for a cigarette & have not gained any weight from quitting.  I cannot thank you enough.
Nancy H   Garland, NE

I just want you to know how pleased I am with the purchase of e-cig on christmas day 2010 when we stopped in your store. Just since then, I have ordered 4 more double pacs and gotten my friend in Garland NE to order a double and we have all quit smoking with them and love all the benefits of them. I am sure we will be ordering many more items from you in the near future. Your prompt delivery is amazing, and soooo appreciated. Thank you.

S Bivans  NE

Last year I picked up a cigarette after 10 years of not smoking and it was like I had never stopped. I found myself wanting to smoke again. A friend who had tried your product allowed me to try theirs. I was sold and have since started using an assortment of your products. There is no after taste or ill feeling after a day of digital smoking. This is the best smoking I can imagine. I still get all of the pleasure of a morning smoke with my coffee and I don't stink like a cigarette all day. Thanks for the great product.

J Stow, Shawnee

I am completely impressed with the ecigarette. I am now nine days smoke free and am not missing smoking one bit. The best part about using the ecig to quit smoking is it helped me get over the humps where I crave the nicotine without having to eat everything in sight or kill someone I live with. In the 9 days that I have been smoke free, I have saved approximately $25, no longer smell like smoke, am getting back my sense of taste, and feel better about myself. The ecig has made doing something I thought impossible (quitting smoking) a lot easier.

J. Bronson, KS

I have been smoking for a little over thirty years and I have tried to quit smoking before I have done the patch then went back to smoking again. The E-Cig has been working for me now for 31days now & I have seen the difference in my smell, breathing, taste, plus my wife likes not having to kiss an ashtray. It works.
T Backley, KS

I am very pleased with the e-cig.  I smoked for 40 years and am so glad to find an alternative to tobacco.  Several reasons:

Many places are ‘smoke free’, but the e-cig only emits vapor.

No second hand smoke.

No lingering smoke or smell on clothes, in the house or car.

No lighter, ashes or ashtray.

Same motions of smoking but without the harmful health effects.

Variety of flavors.

Cost is substantially lower than traditional cigarettes.

Although the e-cig requires some maintenance (charging battery, e-juice) I find it well worth the effort.  It took a few days to get ‘comfortable’ with it compared to just opening a pack and lighting up. 

B Repicky, KS