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Vaper's Corner
1002 SW Blue Parkway, Lee's Summit, MO 64063
(816) 434-5293

Wholesale Electronic Cigarettes

Enable your customers to personalize their vaping experience with 11 colors and over 32 flavors of e-Juice.  Vaper's Corner does not believe in contracts or expensive cartridge replacement schemes. We sell the e-Juice in 5ml and 10ml bottles so the customer can not only get away from tobacco, but they can save a huge amount of money at the same time.  Refills may be inexpensive but you make a much higher profit than traditional penny profit tobacco sales!  We have, by far, the highest quality electronic cigarettes on the market and offer a 30 day warranty on parts.

We perform warranty replacement from the warehouse so you don't have to.  This frees up your employees for sales and keeps your parts kit stocked for individual part sales.  As with anything manufactured, there is always a percentage of parts that fail.  VC only sees about a 1% return rate.  How do we do it?  Not only do we have the highest quality manufacturing, we DOUBLE check every single part to ensure every kit will work perfectly when the customer takes their first drag.  Try to get that from the other e-Cig companies...

We provide product training!  Having the answers increases sales, so we take the time to make sure your employees have the knowledge they need.  Have a question you don't have the answer to?  Call or email us and we will help you through it.  We field questions all day long and in some instances will contact the customer directly for you.

Our efficient fax ordering system gets your order packed, processed through quality control, and shipped the same day.  We also have free shipping on orders that meet our minimum. 

Are you tired of hit and run salespeople trying to sell you their brand from the trunk of their car?  Not able to get them on the phone for support when you carry their product?  Vaper's Corner is legitimate company owned by DDP Unlimited LLC with a brick and mortar warehouse where you can pick up your order, get answers to questions you may have, or even schedule an appointment with one of the owners. 

Your success is our success!  VC makes every effort to ensure you make money through employee training, customer support and warranty replacement, convenient ordering, fast shipping, and store support.  On top of all that, we advertise your store(s) and push retail customers to you.  If for some reason you are not making money in the first 30 days, we will buy back the remaining product.  Guaranteed!

We outsell all the other brands in every store listed on our site.  Many of our retailers have even quit carrying the other brands! 

For more information and our product portfolio, please contact the corporate office at (816) 434-5293