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What you need to know:
In short, the e-Cig is composed of three components.  The Battery that powers the unit, an atomizer to heat the e-Juice into a vapor, and the Cartomizer or “Cart” that acts as an e-Juice resivior.  

• As much as I hate to say it, your e-Cig is probably not going to taste good to you right out of the box.  The atomizer, like many kitchen appliances with heating elements, has a protective oil coating on it from the factory that you will have to burn off.  This is often referred to as the “break in” period and can take anywhere from a couple of hours, to a couple of days depending on how much you vape.  The break in period won’t hurt you, but it’s not going to taste or smell very good either…
• It is recommended to not inhale for the first 20 draws or so on automatics.  I recommend assembling a complete e-Cig (cart, atomizer, battery) and puffing until the smell goes away.  But, if you so chose, manuals can be run through a “dry” burn to help with break in.  This is where you connect the atomizer to a fully charged battery then press and hold the button and let the atomizer sizzle for 15 – 20 seconds.  Doing this any longer you will run the risk of burning out your atomizer leaving it worthless and you frustrated.  

Automatic & Manual:
Automatic units such as the 801 have a sensor hole in the end of the battery, at the atomizer connection, that detects when you draw on the device.   When taking a drag air is drawn through this hole, the unit switches on the atomizer unit and heats the e-Juice into a vapor until either the user stops drawing or the circuitry automatically shuts down.  This time can vary between models but the shut off is normally around 7 or 8 seconds, at which time the LED at the end of the battery will flash and the unit will remain off and unusable for a few seconds to allow the atomizer to cool.  Dipping or dripping methods of vaping are not possible on these units since juice can, and most likely will, seep through the sensor hole and short out the electronics in the battery.  Cart prefills or refils are your only options, and even then you must be extremely careful not to overfill your refilled carts since too much liquid will flood the atomizer and again leak into the battery.

Manual units like the 510 have a button on the battery that must be pressed to turn on the atomizer and heat the fluid.  Although these models do not allow hands free vaping, the user is able to take a longer drag and get more vapor.  Depending on the type and strength of e-Juice being used, this can provide the user with much stronger throat hit like that of an “analog” or real cigarette. The manual batteries do not have a draw sensor or sensor hole in them and are sealed, giving users the ability to vape with a cart, or by dripping.  Dripping is very common with the 510 and is done by pulling the cart off the atty, dripping 2 or 3 drops of e-Juice directly on the small grey metal wick in the atty, then replacing the cart and vaping until the first hint of burnt taste (what you will get when the atomizer begins to dry out from lack of fluid), or loss of vapor.  At which time the user will begin the process all over again.