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New - Frog Fogg VG - 0, 3, 6, 12mg 30ml bottle
New - Vaper's Corner VG - 3mg 30ml bottle
24mg e-Juice - 10ml bottles
18mg e-Juice - 10ml bottles
11mg e-Juice - 10ml bottles
0mg e-Juice - 10ml bottles

32+ e-Juice Flavors

E-Cig - 32 E-juice Flavors with varing levels of nicotine

Vaper's Corner provides 32 base flavors of delicious e-Juice and often brings in different flavors for a limited time.

e-juice is made with varying levels of nicotine, food grade Propyliene Glycol, water and flavorings.

e-Juice Nicotine Strength Chart: 

24mg = Full flavored cigarette
18mg = Lights  cigarettes 
11mg = Ultra Lights  cigarettes 
0mg = No Nicotine, just flavor

e-Juice Flavors Available:

3&5 Tobacco Fruite Punch
Apple Grape
Banana Menthol
Blueberry Mint
Bubble Gum My7 Tobacco
Butterscotch Peach
Cappuccino Pear
Cherry Pepper (Soda)
Chocolate Pomegranate
Clove Rum
Coffee RY4 Caramel
Cola Strawberry
Cream Turkish Tobacco
Desert Ship Tobacco USA Mix Tobacco
Energy Cow Vanilla
Flue Cured Tobacco Watermelon
French Pipe Tobacco Wensten Tobacco

Vapor from an e-Cig does not linger on your clothes, furniture or in your car. You will no longer smell like a walking ashtray, nor will you smell like the flavor of e-juice you are using! You will taste the flavor on exhale, and people around you will only detect a hint of it. After a few moments, it will completely dissipate.