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900 mah batteries are in!

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  • Have you changed your atomizer lately? Atomizers gum up over time and vapor production will taper off. A quick and inexpensive atomizer replacement will make your e-Cig as good as new!

  • Cleaning the threads on your battery and charger will decrease the amount of time it takes to charge keeping it running at its best.  (Please make sure your charger is unplugged before cleaning)

  • Is it hard to draw a puff? You may have your clearomizer or atomizer assembly screwed on too tight.  Loosen it a hair and try again.


What about smell? (Best part)
Vapor from an e-cigarette does not linger on your clothes, furniture or in your car. You will no longer smell like a walking ashtray, nor will you smell like the flavor of liquid you are using! You will taste the flavor on exhale, and people around you will only detect a hint of it. After a few moments, it will completely dissipate.

Manual Models
Manual e-Cigs have a button on the battery that must be pressed and held to turn on the atomizer and heat the fluid into a vapor. Although these models do not allow hands free vaping, you are able to take a longer drag and get large satisfying plumes of vapor. Depending on the type and strength of e-Juice being used, this can provide a much stronger "throat hit" on inhale, like that of an "analog" or real cigarette.

With a wide variety of tobacco and fruit flavors in different nicotine levels to chose from, there's sure to be something that suits your taste. e-Juice is made from the common food additive propylene glycol, which is in many items we eat every day. Other ingredients may include water, flavoring, and varying levels of nicotine that range from 24mg, 18mg, 11mg, or 0mg.

Many of our customers enjoy mixing peach and cream, apple and caramel (RY4), cola and vanilla... and so on. Or you can mix mint with about any flavor to get an iced flavor. You can mix across flavors and levels, it doesn't matter.

Wash your hands thoroughly after performing a refill and always keep e-Juice out of reach of children and animals.

Age verification by AgeChecker.Net

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