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VCT Tank System Electronic Cigarette Demo

The VCT Tank electronic cigarette from Vaper’s Corner is the strongest system we offer. With the VCT Tank, you get a massive vapor plume, plus the convenience of an all-day battery and a 1ml e-juice tank.

This unit has some significant differences compared to our VC5. This video shows these differences and walks you through the steps of assembling and using the VCT Tank.

Information Points

  • 0:20: Turning the unit on – To operate the VCT Tank, press the button five times within two seconds. The light will flash to let you know it’s ready for use.
  • 1:00: VCT Tank warranty – The unit comes with a 30-day parts warranty. The VCT ships with a warranty card. To receive a replacement part, mail the warranty, your sales receipt and the part to Vaper’s Corner. We will send a part out the same day we receive your materials.
  • 2:00: VCT Tank components – Two atomizers, battery, wall charger, two tips and a carrying pouch. The VCT does not come with e-juice; see below for more information.
  • 3:54: Piercing the tip – before you, pierce the tip by screwing it into the atomizer. Take care not to over-tighten.
  • 4:30: E-juice – You must purchase e-juice at the same time you purchase your VCT Tank. The system is designed to be used with e-juice strengths of 18mg or less. Vaper’s Corner carries 31 flavors of e-juice.
  • 5:20: Operating the VCT Tank.