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VC5 Manual e-Cigs Demo

The VC5 electronic cigarette is Vaper’s Corner flagship product. You won’t find a better e-cig on the market. With proper care and use, you’ll have many hours of enjoyment.

This demonstration video shows you how to unpackage your e-cigarette and assemble the components.

Information Points

  • 1:00: VC5 components – Two atomizers, battery, wall charger and cable, two tips, starter bottle of 24mg USA Mix Tobacco e-juice.
  • 1:40: VC5 warranty – Vaper’s Corner offers a 30-day warranty on parts. If a part fails, return the part along with the warranty card and your receipt. Your replacement part will mailed the same day Vaper’s Corner receives it.
  • 2:40: The wall charger – How to connect to battery to recharge it.
  • 4:05: The tip – How to fill the tip with e-juice for maximum efficiency.
  • 5:40: Operating the VC5 – How to use the manual button and take a draw that fits your smoking style.