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Fixing a Flooded E-Cig Atomizer

Occasionally, your e-cigarette may become flooded, resulting in decreased performance. Listen for a gurgling sound when you take a draw. If it happens, don’t worry; you can fix it yourself in just a few minutes.

Information Points
• 0:05: Diagnosing the problem – Listen for a gurgling sound and decreased vapor when you exhale.
• 0:40: Fixing the problem – 1) Pull the tip off and unscrew the battery; 2) Wrap the brass end of the atomizer in a paper towel; 3) Blow the excess e-juice through the atomizer and into the paper towel.
• 1:20: Reassembling your e-cig – 1) Make sure the absorbent material is aligned with the top of the tip on the VC5, or your tip is full on the tank cartridges, depending on the model you have; 2) Examine the material to make sure it’s damp but not too wet; 3) Place one drop of e-juice on the absorbent material to prime the system.